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Japanese calligraphy with Saki Matsumoto

Starting 07. 07. 2020 Tuesday

Japanese calligraphy with Saki Matsumoto

Are you interested in the Japanese calligraphy? Do you wonder how complicated or easy it is to write Japanese characters? Or do you want to relax after a hectic day? Come to Vzletná and slow your mind and test your own patience in the Japanese Calligraphy Course for beginners. .

In Japan, the art of calligraphy has its own traditions and is widespread among people of all ages and social groups. Japanese illustrator and graphic designer Saki Matsumoto knows best about it.

She will guide you through the course with the help of practical tasks and introduce you to the basics of Japanese writing – Kaisho. The course is suitable for both beginners and those who have already encountered Japanese calligraphy and want to continue in practicing Japanese calligraphy.

In addition to the Kaisho font, the teacher also knows other Japanese fonts such as Gyosho, Sosho, Reisho and Tensho, she will be happy to train it with you if you are interested. Come and spend an interesting summer getting to know yourself and something new.

The course will be conducted in English.

For whom is the course?
– the course is suitable for both beginners and those who have already encountered Japanese calligraphy

– those who want to try and know how to continue calligraphy/ people who have experiences but want to develop.


What will you learn at the course?
– basics of Japanese Kaisho writing
– release of hand and wrist
– techniques of Japanese calligraphy
– writing various things

Why is this course special?
Being able to try and continuously practice Japanese calligraphy. Able to learn Kaisho and if you wish Gyosho, Sosho, Reisho and Tensho are possible too.

Japonská kaligrafie a Character design

Saki Matsumoto

Saki Matsumoto is a Japanese illustrator who has lived in Prague for a long time. She studied natural sciences, graphic design in Japan and London and illustration at the Prague Academy of Arts. She has published several books and was awarded in the Tokyo Illustratorial Competition “It’s a book!”, Book fair in Leipzig, and won second place in the London student product design competition with Sentral Saint Martins. She is a member of the association of Czech graphic artists Hollar and the Club of Illustrators.

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4990 Kč

7. 7. – 25. 8. 2020

120 minutes


Registration: Japanese calligraphy

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