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Character design by Saki Matsumoto

Starting 15. 07. 2020 Wednesday

Character design by Saki Matsumoto

Do you want to revive your brand, create a unique product packaging or do you want to easily draw characters into your stories? Or are you creating creative ads and looking for new sources of inspiration? Immerse yourself with us in the art of character design led by illustrator Saki Matsumoto and be one step ahead of others.

Character design has gradually become a distinctive specific artistic discipline of the entertainment industry. Characters are beginning to be commonly used not only in stories, but also in advertisements, product packaging or as part of the original logo. However, the whole process of creating a character is very complicated and creating a whole human or any other character from scratch requires a lot of creative energy.

In our course, lecturer Saki Matsumoto will teach you to create various illustrated figures from references, through the design of the figure, its anatomy, color, references, to the final realization in analog or digital form. In the course, we will try to create a character from what you find on the table.

It’s combination of theoretical and creative practices from several sources such as exist characters, familiar materials. Also you will create more project based ones even for your brand.

The course is in ENGLISH

For whom is the course?
Everyone from 18 to 70 yo, who are interested in character design. advertising and story telling

What will you learn at the course?
–  making attractive characters

Why is this course special?
– being able to consider character design based on concept and storytelling works. Also just enjoy to make your character for your brands etc.

Japonská kaligrafie a Character design

Saki Matsumoto

Saki Matsumoto is a Japanese illustrator who has lived in Prague for a long time. She studied natural sciences, graphic design in Japan and London and illustration at the Prague Academy of Arts. She has published several books and was awarded in the Tokyo Illustratorial Competition “It’s a book!”, Book fair in Leipzig, and won second place in the London student product design competition with Sentral Saint Martins. She is a member of the association of Czech graphic artists Hollar and the Club of Illustrators.

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3990 Kč

15. 7. – 26. 8. 2020

90 minutes


(např. jméno účastníka, extra požadavky, způsob placení, atp.)

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